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Re: Slicing and not-slicing but using the same template(s).

Jan Holler wrote:
> <snip>

> suppose i want to make decisions based on the contents of
> the variable:
> (all the necessary includes and definitions for the use of
> slices are done)
> ..
> <if <if <string-eq <get-var foo> "francais">
> <set-var bar="true">
> <set-var bar="false">
> >
> #print it
> bar is: <get-var bar>

I needed something similar to this too - I then solved this problem
(without elegance) by defining a variable for the preprocessor on the
commandline. With this your example would look like

<if <string-eq "$(FOO)" "francais">
 <set-var bar="true">
 <set-var bar="false">

This works, because $(FOO) will be replaced in pass 1.
To create the slices, you would call "wml -DFOO='francais' ..." and "wml
-DFOO='something-else' ..." .

As I said, not very elegant but it works.

Andreas Hofmeister (see http://www.informatik.uni-freiburg.de/~hofmeist)

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