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[HELP] Replacement of wml_p2_mhc

Hi all,

I have written a replacement for wml_p2_mhc, i.e. our stripped down
version of Meta-HTML.  It is called mp4h (macro processor for HTML
documents), is derived from GNU m4 version 1.4n and looks very
promising: on WML files, pass 2 runs 75% faster :)

Unfortunately, i will have few free time for months, so i am looking for
help to develop and maintain it.  Here is my TODO list on this project:
* Syntax rethinking : at the beginning, compatibility with Meta-HTML was
  a priority.  I believe now that it is best to have a robust and easy
  to learn syntax.  Compatibility with older templates within WML is
  done via wml::sys::bootmhc.
  We also could have discussions on this list about improvements
  on Meta-HTML syntax.  For instance, Meta-HTML has 2 macros to
  define new tags : <define-tag> and <define-container>.  I prefer
  having only one, and containers could be defined with
  <define-tag foo endtag=required> or <define-tag foo type=complex>.

* Write documentation. My version does not include documentation yet,
  it's why there is no URL in this post.

* Enhance C portability (mp4h has been tested on Linux and SunOS 5.6)

* Optimization

* If needed, write a converter to ease upgrading template files.

* Enhance wml::sys::bootmhc for maximum backward compatibility.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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