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Re: [HELP] Replacement of wml_p2_mhc

Hi Denis

great, things are still progressing.

Thu, 2 Dec 1999 09:27:24 +0100 (CET), you wrote:

> help to develop and maintain it.  Here is my TODO list on this project:
>   a priority.  I believe now that it is best to have a robust and easy
>   to learn syntax.

i would go for the robustness first. who tells us what easy

>  Compatibility with older templates within WML is
>   done via wml::sys::bootmhc.

did i miss something? i thought i had read about wml 2.x.
is your work part of it?

>   on Meta-HTML syntax.  For instance, Meta-HTML has 2 macros to
>   define new tags : <define-tag> and <define-container>.  I prefer
>   having only one, and containers could be defined with
>   <define-tag foo endtag=required> or <define-tag foo type=complex>.

i don't think that is very important. but if you invent the var
endtag one can migrate smoothly from the old to the new

> * Write documentation. My version does not include documentation yet,
>   it's why there is no URL in this post.

what is missing?

> * Enhance C portability (mp4h has been tested on Linux and SunOS 5.6)

release it! others may take care of that.

> * Optimization

have a running version first. you said it's faster than the
original anyway.

> * If needed, write a converter to ease upgrading template files.
> * Enhance wml::sys::bootmhc for maximum backward compatibility.

what are the main differences?


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