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Re: conditionel include

Thu, 2 Dec 1999 09:30:59 +0100, Xose Manoel Ramos wrote:

> <if foo
> "
> #include 'test.wml'
> "

what about the quotes? if there are quotes to be used in the
included file they have to be escaped by \ . (one could
avoid the <if ...> it with two <when> .. </when> 

> I leave 'eperl' for a more experienced user, I can tell you how in
> m4:
>   m4_ifelse("foo", "true", m4_include(test.wml))

thank you. i'll keep that as a hint.

> Anyway, take care of an important point. If you include a file in
> pass2, pass3 or pass4, it will skip the prior passes, so if you use
> this code, all the MH and ePerl code will be useless. 

that's the real problem. anyway, Denis has some suggestion.
we may find out a solution.

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