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Re: Slicing and not-slicing but using the same template(s).

Fri, 3 Dec 1999 21:17:09 +0100 (CET), you wrote:

> Do you have an URL where we could have a look on your work?

yes. check http://www.internutrition.ch/

i have not published the wml-files yet since they change a
lot and are in a temporary state. besides there are better
examples available.
on the other hand i got to some solutions i find quite

the above site has now being changed to a complete new
design and bilingue. the problem is (as it always is): you
don't get both translations of the document at the same
time. here we had all the german work done, the french
version is dropping in.
since i do manage and create quite a handful of sites (for
just one person) i'll definitely have to automatism my work.
i developed (and learned) with wml for some time and now
have a setup where the contents are completely (really?
what do i say?) separated from the navigation and other

ironically my own web-pages are in a "contentless" state.
i could publish the wml-source there or paste it here.
please choose.


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