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Using <rollover> etc. from EPerl


I wondered if there was any possibility of using tags from wml::des::*
and others from EPerl. That is, suppose you want to render a fancy 
navigation bar from EPerl, something like
		foreach ( ... ) {
			print "<rollover ...>\n";

(Of course, it *doesn't* work like this. But you get the idea.)

Or maybe you might want to use <href> tags in EPerl.

A trick (?) I came up with is to tweak .../bin/wml itself so that
the array containing the passes to be executed is no longer sorted prior
to execution. Thus, I can force wml to execute EPerl first, something
like -p3,1-9. But I have a gut feeling that this might be dangerous...

Another possbility might be to put all the stuff from wml::des::* etc.
into Perl modules which could be called from EPerl, so that one could
		foreach (...) {
			print WML::DES::rollover (..., ..., ...);

Or is there any other solution?



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