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Re: SGML-formatting with WML

On Wednesday 8 December 1999, at 13 h 55, the keyboard of 
a2651866@smail.uni-koeln.de ("=?ISO-8859-1?Q?Dirk Fr=F6mbgen?=") wrote:

> Has anyone ever thought of using WML as a batch formatter for
> SGML input?

I tried wml --includefile=foobar.wml over my SGML sources (actually XML) and, 
yes, it works fine. So does M4 if you need a processing not available in your 
SGML environment :-)

The symbols used by WML could lead to problems. What if you have a line 
beginning with '#' in your SGML source?

> This would allow WML to be used with structured editors.

Well, if they refuse elements which do not belong to the DTD, what will be 
left to WML?

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