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Re: Minor problems

On 7 Dec 1999 socket@peakpeak.com wrote:

> The following code is for a very simple text navigation bar that
> appears on http://www.peakpeak.com/~socket/.
> As you can see from my (admittedly hairy) code, I don't plan on using
> images or hints in the navigation bar (though I might in the future),
> and would like some help in finding a way to prevent the unnecessary
> and broken javascript from being generated.  If there is a better way
> to generate this sort of navbar, please tell me.

Florian Hars suggested a nohints attribute to <navbar:render>.
This tag has been implemented in WML 1.7.3. Alternatively you may try
his modified navbar (should be at http://www.hars.de/www/navbar-FH.wml).

> I just made an attempt at upgrading wml 1.7.4 and got the following
> error in the wml_backend/p3_eperl directory:
> ld: cannot open -lgdbm: No such file or directory
> I use debian, and installed libgdbmg1_1.7.3-25.deb after getting this
> error (which still occurs even after the install), but isn't the
> configure script in the base directory supposed to catch this sort of
> thing?  The debian archive says about gdbm, "This library is no longer
> supported by the FSF, and hasn't been worked on in several years --
> for new applications, please consider libdb instead, and also consider
> migrating old applications..."  Perhaps this should be put on the
> to-do list for eperl.

No, this is a Perl problem. Run ``perl -V:libs'' and you will see why
ePerl tries to build against all those libraries.

You have to install libgdbmg1-dev_1.7.3-25.deb

> Are there particular features added in the newer versions I should
> employ to improve the readability or maintainability of my code?

Don't know. Read the ChangeLog by browsing the latest release.

> There is no need to reply immediately, I'm at the end of a semester
> and have a lot of more important things to work on than automated
> javascript issues and fine-tuning my site.
> Danke schön!

Bitte sehr.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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