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Recursive #include problem


Consider this problem:

O) make directories top/dir1/dir2/

1) make a empty file named top/ancestors

2) make a file named top/dir1/ancestors with the content:
   #include '../ancestors'

3) make a file named top/dir1/dir2/ancestors with the content:
   #include '../ancestors'

4) go into the  top/dir1/dir2/ directory and type:
   $ wml ancestors

wml goes in deep recursion in the first phase.  It should not.  It
should if the include directive were #include './ancestors'.
Recursion is not well treated.  The phase 1 is just like the cpp job.

cpp, the C preprocessor, does not have this problem and resolve the
recursion as intended (it includes top/ancestors which is empty. Of
course, this example is just a purified one. My need comes from a
useful example.

It's a pity because I need this feature to solve elegantly a problem.
Can someone fix it easyly? If so, I will throw out cpp from my tools
(just for this problem, not for life).

Thanks in advance.
au revoir,
Gilles Lamiral. France, Rennes (35).
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