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Re: use of slices restricted with <img>-tag

El Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 03:19:30PM +0100, Jan Holler contaba:

><img src="$(ROOTIMG)/t_akt<de: ><fr: _f>_lo.gif">

IMHO this is taking things too far away. You can save some types, but
SPLIT was not designed to this kind of things, at least for building
up a word with several pieces...

This can be solved easily with:

<de: <img src="$(ROOTIMG)/t_akt_lo.gif">>
<fr: <img src="$(ROOTIMG)/t_akt_f_lo.gif">>

I know is pretty obvious!!

If you explain me what is so important in using your syntax but
typing a few less letters. I think it is not such a big problem to
use another syntax.

An important point in using SPLIT is each section has toi be

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