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Re: use of slices restricted with <img>-tag

Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:48:30 +0100, xmanoel@bigfoot.com wrote:

> El Sun, Dec 12, 1999 at 03:19:30PM +0100, Jan Holler contaba:
>><img src="$(ROOTIMG)/t_akt<de: ><fr: _f>_lo.gif">
> IMHO this is taking things too far away. You can save some types, but

you are right. at the moment i cannot see the reason why i
have been writing it this way. let me check that sometimes
later. im stuffed up with work up to the limit.

at least it shows some problems which arise. that should be
put into the faq. (the faq needs a rewrite anyway. why not
making a new one? who is experienced with faqs?)

> An important point in using SPLIT is each section has toi be
> meaningfull.

first i thought it's french but what do you mean with
meaningfull? i have some explanation somewhere hidden in my
old memories telling me that you might mean something like a
closed definition? - sorry, has been years.


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