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Re: Erasing redundant newlines, spaces and tabs

El Wed, Dec 15, 1999 at 12:33:33PM +0100, Denis Barbier contaba:
>> Is there a better, safer or faster way to do this? 

><define-container clean>
>#  inside brackets, put a space, a tab and a newline
><subst-in-string %qbody "[      
>]+" " ">

Good Tip! Thanks! But it still does not satisfy me so much...

Just some hours after I remembered there is a special pass to do this
kind of things...

<define-tag head-clean>
[[s/[\n\r\t ]+/ /g]]\

I don't know if it is faster or better, but 'Perl Regular Expresions'
are much more flexible.

By the way, the tag itself is much more complicated. I use it to
filter the contents of the data fields in the HEAD of the page. 

#use wml::fmt::isolatin
<define-tag head-clean>
[[s/[\n\r\t ]+/ /g]]\

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