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Re: use of slices restricted with <img>-tag

El Wed, Dec 15, 1999 at 05:12:45PM +0100, Jan Holler contaba:
>> An important point in using SPLIT is each section has toi be
>> meaningfull.

>first i thought it's french but what do you mean with
>meaningfull? i have some explanation somewhere hidden in my
>old memories telling me that you might mean something like a
>closed definition? - sorry, has been years.

The 'll' is an 'extra feature' from myself. I aLLways write this way!
I don't understand why english people sometimes write 'll' and others

Well, I have checked and this word exist in the dictionary...
(honestly I made it up from 'meaningless').

meaningful from WordNet (r) 1.6
     adj : having a meaning or purpose; "a meaningful explanation";
     "a meaningful discussion"; "a meaningful pause" [ant: meaningless]

Talking about WML topics... I have some times thought about the Slice
being used for building filenames and having strange behaviours:

    <a href="index.<es: es><en: en>.html">

This is probably not trouble making, but once again you have to
notice Slice is the last pass.... and with some constructs this is a

I was thinking maybe the important addition in WML was changin from
passes to a interpreter that called each front-end as soon as each
construct is found in the code. 

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