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Re: Downstripped meta-html

On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Oliver Paukstadt wrote:

> I have problems with the downsized version of mhtml.
> I need to include all files in a special directory during the mhtml-pass
> because all defined tags in those files should be parsed.

Doing this with mhtml is not trivial.
 Use ePerl to generate a file containing wml_p1_ipp directives. 
* create an empty file named ``contents''
* load this file during pass 1 (with flags or wml_p1_ipp directives)
* during pass 3,
  o parse this file to read which files were included during pass 1
  o read directory contents
  o if files included during pass 1 do not exactly match directory
    contents, overwrite the ``contents'' file and write a message to
    stderr telling to rerun WML and exit

Denis Barbier
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