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Re: Downstripped meta-html

On Tue, 28 Dec 1999, Denis Barbier wrote:

> On Mon, 27 Dec 1999, Oliver Paukstadt wrote:
> > I need to include all files in a special directory during the mhtml-pass
> > because all defined tags in those files should be parsed.
> Doing this with mhtml is not trivial.
;-) Got it ;-) 

<set-var ndir=/a/path/to/a/dir >
<directory-contents <get-var ndir> dirlist >
<unset-var dirlist::. >
<unset-var dirlist::.. >
<set-var files[]=<package-vars dirlist > >
<foreach file files>
<set-var full=<alist-get-var <get-var file> FULL-NAME> >
<include <get-var full>>

a bad thing is that the <thisdir>-Function doesn't work in the WML-mhtml,
but I'm happy now ;-)

BYtE Oli

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