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Re: Recursive #include problem

Denis Barbier wrote:

> Phase 1 is more than the cpp job, because prolog filters may be applied.
> A patch is attached. It will go under CVS after some checks.

Sorry to have told you Phase 1 is more than the cpp job. 

Thanks for the patch.

In fact I won't use this feature for my current need. 
But you consider it a bug, don't you ? Be careful because some
people may have used it like a feature.

My need is to extend the navigation bar and build a navigation square.
I didn't succeed in building it with wml.
So, I wrote entirely a new tool in perl. It can be use with wml or sdf. 
I will make a distribution when time will come or if someone else
is interested right now. I give you the README file.

This is the README file of NavSquare

Author  : Gilles Lamiral 
contact : lamiral@mail.dotcom.fr

This software is  under the GPL, the GNU  Public License Version 2, in
order to avoid  to  be oust from it  but  I really doubt  a commercial
enterprise can be interested one day. You can find this licence in the 
./doc directory.

NavSquare uses wwwtable which is not under the GPL license. See the file
wwwtable.txt in the wwwtable distribution.

To see what's new, read the CHANGELOG file.

What is it ?

NavSquare is juste a tool to generate navigation squares. A navigation 
square is like a navigation bar except it displays information in
two dimensions instead of one. 

Informations are :
  - where you are.
  - where you're from.
  - where you can go.

Navquare allow to consctuct a hierachical web site and maintain a
coherent navigation tool on each page. symbolic link over
directories are not treated yet.

What do you need ?

 - Perl 5.  I use 5.004_03 but earlier releases are good too.
 - Perl module Tree::DAG_Node; You can find it on CPAN or in the
   directory tools/.
 - wwwtable. A perl script to construct HTML tables easily. You 
   can find it in the directory tools/.

 - optionnaly, you can use wml with navsquare.


No known bug.
Any unknown bug may be corrected when found and sent to the author.

How to use it ?

navquare recursively goes down through the directory where you run it.
it searches for files named ".myname".  Those files contain an alternative
name of the directory where they are. If the ".myname" file does not exist
then the directory will not be shown in the square.

So before running navsquare.pl, you have to create the ".myname" files in
each directory you want to see the navigation square.

The script myname.sh does this job for you.

See a example in the test/ directory

au revoir,
Gilles Lamiral. France, Rennes (35).

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