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An "@" in the sliceterm makes wml fail?

Hello Denis!

While tweaking with Debian's web page Chinese portion to accommodate for
variations among Mainland (CN) and Taiwan (TW) usage, I ran into some
problem with wml's handling of "@" in the SLICETERM.  It perplexed me
because a test with "slice" works just fine:

  $ slice -o UNDEFuZH@uCN:index.zh-cn.html -o UNDEFuZH@uTW:index.zh-tw.html \

  $ slice -o UNDEFuZH@uCN:index.zh-cn.html -o UNDEFuZH@uTW:index.zh-tw.html \

But it fails with wml:

  $ wml -o UNDEFuZH@uCN:index.zh-cn.html -o UNDEFuZH@uTW:index.zh-tw.html \
  cannot load UNDEFuZH for unprotection at /usr/bin/wml line 666.

I knew "666" is evil!  <grin, duck, run>...  Anyway, that line is:

    $fp->open("<$file") || die "cannot load $file for unprotection";

in /usr/bin/wml

Removing "@" solves the problem, but then the output isn't what I want.  :-)
Using ZH@uUNDEFuCN gives

  cannot load ZH for unprotection at /usr/bin/wml line 666.

and UNDEFuCNuZH@ gives

  cannot load UNDEFuCNuZH for unprotection at /usr/bin/wml line 666.

So, somehow, whatever is in front of "@" get put into the $file variable.
Could you look into this when you have time?  Thanks!

For now, I think I would work around this by running wml with passes 1-8
and then calling slice separately.  :-)

Cheers, and have a Happy New Year!


Anthony Fok Tung-Ling                Civil and Environmental Engineering
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