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toc for <h1> only?


I have just started to build my Linux with Laptop Computers
page with WML 1.7.4 (06-Oct-1999). Should have done it earlier ;-)

I would like to use a TOC which contains <h1> headers
only. Though I tried different approaches I don't get this to work.
The standard as in the man page:

#use wml::std::toc

works well. 

But the remaining part of the man page I probably don't understand

       Alternatively you can use the <toc_hN> tags to insert its
       body (can be empty!) at the current location and into the
       Table Of Contents. If specified, the alt attribute is
       included into the ToC instead of the body.

#use wml::std::toc

doesn't work as desired.

Thank you
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