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Re: toc for <h1> only?

> the <toc_hN> tags behave like <hN>, except that body text is not
> surrounded by <hN> HTML tags in output file.
> Example:
>   #use wml::std::toc style=pre
>   <h1>Chapter 1</h1>
>   <h2>Section 1</h2>
>   <h2>Section 2</h2>
>   <toc_h1>Chapter 2</toc_h1>
>   <h2>Section 1</h2>
>   <h2>Section 2</h2>
> Output:
>   <H1><a name="ToC1">Chapter 1</a></H1>
>   <H2><a name="ToC2">Section 1</a></H2>
>   <H2><a name="ToC3">Section 2</a></H2>
>   <a name="ToC4">Chapter 2</a>
>   <H2><a name="ToC5">Section 1</a></H2>
>   <H2><a name="ToC6">Section 2</a></H2>
>   <pre>
>   <a href="#ToC1"><strong>Chapter 1</strong></a>
>       <a href="#ToC2"><strong>Section 1</strong></a>
>       <a href="#ToC3"><strong>Section 2</strong></a>
>   <a href="#ToC4"><strong>Chapter 2</strong></a>
>       <a href="#ToC5"><strong>Section 1</strong></a>
>       <a href="#ToC6"><strong>Section 2</strong></a>
>   </pre>

Hi Denis,

thank you for your fast and detailed response. I guess I have
catched the idea of <toc_hN> now.

Still I would like to use a ToC which contains <h1> headers only.
As I can see from your example above, WML knows about different
<hN> levels and uses it for the indentation of the ToC. Can
someone tell me how I can use this feature or another
mechanism to build a smaller ToC?


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