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wml -o 4 removes blanks after closing tags


I begin to like WML, so I tried some more things.
And found some behaviour, which I'm not sure wether it
is desired or not.

0. 'wml' converts div tag to capital letters 

<div align="center"> becomes <DIV align="center">

1. the following causes a Segmentation fault for 'tidy'
I don't know wether 'wml' should warn about it, or change
it implicitly. BTW: I had to find this bug in a quite big
page. My last resort as often in such cases was 'weblint'.


2. wml -O 4 removes blanks after closing tags, e.g. </a>
or </strong> , this produces an ugly and for some people 
unuseful (e.g. screenreader) output. Is this kind 
of 'crunching' intended?

       Level 4:
           Expert stripping:  Same as level 3 plus stripping of
           HTML comment lines (``<!-- ... -->'') and crunching of
           HTML tag endsi [tag]. BE CAREFUL HERE: Comment lines

This is WML Version 1.7.4 (06-Oct-1999)


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