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Navbar in two languages again


Today I found, that in both answers from Denis for my "navbar"-question
(see http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/news/list/12.html and
the "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT" tags for the images are not created. 

[Probably I can solve that problem, if I change the order of the
wml-passes  (Pass 7 after Pass 9 ?) , but I fear, that this will introduce
other problems].

(I did not try the solution from Florian (using a modified navbar-module,
see http://www.engelschall.com/sw/wml/news/list/16.html) now, because -
apart from that small WIDTH/HEIGHT-bug - Denis solution works).

Is there another (clean) solution (apart from defining seperate navbars
for each language)?

(I still use wml 1.7.2, but I found no - for that problem important - 
changes in the changelog)

Bye, Wolfgang

P.S: Some other suggestions:

 - Probably we should introduce WIDTH and HEIGHT tags for wml::std::href
   to allow browser-based image scaling. 

 - Probably one could change the configuration of the webserver on
   www.engelschall.com. It reports for ".src"-Files:
   "Content-Type: application/x-wais-source" which is (at least for
   everything below /sw/wml/distrib/) wrong, it would be easier to browse
   the wml-Sources, if the Content-type would be text/plain. [yes I know,
   I can change my browser-setup, but in WML .src-Files don't have any
   connection with WAIS-Servers, do they?].

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