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Re: Combining wml::des:navbar with per-button HTML code

On Thursday 20 January 2000, at 14 h 10, the keyboard of Denis Barbier 
<barbier@imacs.polytechnique.fr> wrote:

>   #   Special text for the next button only
>   <navbar:prolog pos=next>...</navbar:prolog>
>   <navbar:epilog pos=next>...</navbar:epilog>
>   <navbar:button .........>

Thanks, one more time where I saw it in the doc but decided it was irrelevant. 
OK, I can use it now.

But I have a problem using it in a new tag. I want to declare:

<define-tag my_button>

and to have a 'local' attribute which, if true, will call '<navbar:prolog 
pos=next>' to generate the ePerl code.

But, when, in the definition of my_button, I call:

<preserve id>
<preserve txt>
<preserve url>
<preserve local>
<preserve remote>
<set-var %attributes>
# In the future, test for local will be added here
<navbar:button id=<get-var id> txt=<get-var txt> url=<get-var url>>

It is expansed only in:

<B><font color="#FFFFFF"></font></B><BR><BR>

No URL and no text. (<B> and <BR> are in my prolog/epilog.)

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