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Re: BUG REPORT: Website META Language 1.7.4 (06-Oct-1999)

On Fri, 21 Jan 2000, Carsten Wartmann wrote:

> Running wml under a normal user account doesn't reads .wmlrc
> files. Running under the root-account works as expected. I have
> compared the strace output running under the two accounts but canīt
> figure out what problem occours at the point the two logs differ. 
> Also it wasn't possible to compile (not make install of course) wml
> under a user account, it fails to compile Readkey and getoptlong 

Did you compile from scratch or from a previous compilation?
I never had problem when compiling from scratch, but there may be
problems after a ``make distclean'', i do not know.

> I am running wml under a Debian slink (2.1) Linux distribution.

Me too.

> I am not shure if this is a bug or a missconfiguration here, but
> debian is a common plattform for webdesign so I like to notice.
> There is also an error while "make test", which I can't figure out.
> t/11-wmk............Use of uninitialized value at (eval 2) line 16, <TERMCAP> ch
> unk 12881.
> ok

Just a warning, i'll see how to suppress it.

> t/des-gfont.........ePerl:Error: Perl runtime error (interpreter rc=1)
> ---- Contents of STDERR channel: ---------
> ** wml::des::gfont:
> sh: gfont: command not found
> ------------------------------------------

The gfont program is not installed. running this test in this case does
not make sense, i have to fix it.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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