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Still no .wmlrc on my system...


I still cant use a single .wmlrc (beside a .wmlrc in my
home-dir!). Today I cloned my debian 2.1 to a new HD, and made an
upgrade to debian 2.2, but there it still doesnīt work....

It works on a fresh 2.2 debian....

I canīt figure out what the difference is. As root it reads all .wmlrc 
ok, as user not. I put two strace logs up to:


maybe anyone can see what the problem is. Under the same url without
the filenames (or test/index.html) is also a raw version of my site,
done with wml, including the source so far. All comments are very
welcome, but donīt expect working links or real content.

Especially I need an idea how to sort the news-table ("Neuigkeiten",
site is in german)....

Furthermore Iīm searching for a Makefile template for doing a
recursive wmk on a directory structure. 

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