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order of #include 'xxx'


I just solved my last problem, the sorting of news entries in a table.

I have used:

#include 'news/*.dat'

But I could not figure out on what it depends which order the files
were included. It was even so that I had two identical #include
statements on different WML-pages and the result was different.

So I looked at the source of wml_backend/p1_ipp/ipp.src which was not
fun because I doesnīt have used perl anytime before....

I added a line after line 241:

241:            @ls = grep { /^$pattern$/  && eval $test } readdir(DIR);
242:            @ls = sort @ls;
243:            closedir DIR;

This results in an lexically sort-order. So one can depend on a
specific order of includes.

I donīt know if that has any side effects, or if it is usefull for


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