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Re: order of #include 'xxx'

Franz Knipp writes:
 > Hello, 
 > On Thu, 27 Jan 2000, Carsten Wartmann wrote:
 > > I just solved my last problem, the sorting of news entries in a table.
 > Thinking 'bout your solution there is a wonderland of new ideas, which
 > could be done with WML very easy... 
 > I'm thinking about the following enhancements of `#include':
 > * a parameter to give the sort order (especially interesting if you want
 > to sort news by date - the newest first)

Yes, this was my first problem, but it dissapeared while using
DDMMYYYY_Description.dat as filenames, they get sorted well.

I also decided against the filedates, because the sortorder gets
messed if I have to edit a file later (because of a typo eg.). But a
parameter more could not hurt ;-)

 > * a `max' parameter which gives the maximum number of included files. 
 > Think of a portal where you can find the latest five news with the
 > possibility to see all news on demand. Only you'd have to change this
 > parameter in the according wml-source. 

Nice idea! So far I have a oldnews/ directory in which I move old
news. I was thinking of a perl-code which moves newsfiles to this

 > If there's the demand for this functionality, I'll code it this weekend. 
 > What to you think about it? 

I think this would be great. My capabilities in programming are very
limited, so I wouldn´t try to programm this for a bigger community ;-)

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