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Re: order of #include 'xxx'


On Sat, 29 Jan 2000, Carsten Wartmann wrote:
> Yes, this was my first problem, but it dissapeared while using
> DDMMYYYY_Description.dat as filenames, they get sorted well.

I disagree, on my system the files are really unsorted, it depends on the
file creation and maybe you'd luck.

> I also decided against the filedates, because the sortorder gets
> messed if I have to edit a file later (because of a typo eg.). But a
> parameter more could not hurt ;-)

I will send my solution in a few minutes ;-)

> Nice idea! So far I have a oldnews/ directory in which I move old
> news. I was thinking of a perl-code which moves newsfiles to this
> dir. 

With the proposed INCLUDE_MAX parameter this could be done without the

> I think this would be great. My capabilities in programming are very
> limited, so I wouldn´t try to programm this for a bigger community ;-)

I don't think that my capabilities are really more. And this is my first
try to support the open source community with a piece of code. Don't fear!

Greetings from an Austrian living in Spain


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