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Proposed modification of the #include '' directive - new patch


I've encountered the first problems and therefore I've made some changes.

The attached file is a diff against the original 1.7.4 ipp.src, so please
don't try to patch the patch which I sent yesterday.

The command:

[user@host wml-1.7.4/wml_backend/p1_ipp]$patch ipp.src diff.ipp.src 

will do the job.

BTW: the mailing list seems very slow to me :-( I've to wait more than one
day before I can read my own messages ;-)



Franz KNIPP                                               +34 65 44 26 555 
C/ Poeta Ricard Sanmarti, 4-10                            E-46020 Valencia
http://www.knipp.org/franz/                                franz@knipp.org