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Automating the creation of buttons

[ Warning: this is a little off-topic.  I did check with engelshall first. ]

Does anyone have a good automated method to generate buttons, like the ones
on the WML web page?  In theory, GIMP should be programmable enough to do
this, but I've found it to be frustrating.

I have a situation where I need to create buttons with the same color, and
then come back a week or two later and make more buttons and have the same
colors, etc.  Doing this by hand is difficult and error-prone.  Isn't this a
good job for "make"?

My GIMP experience:  I spend half a day trying and gave up.  The language is
terrible and the documentation is worse (at one point it admits that this
isn't the best thing since sliced bread).  Ok, maybe I should try harder
(and I'm sure I will).  However, if someone has already figured it out, I'd
gladly not have to re-invent the wheel.  I'll even offer to maintain it as a
GPL'ed package or something.

I figure that fellow WML users would appreciate what I'm describing here,
since you obviously feel the same way about generating, not editing,
HTML/web pages.

Thanks in advance!

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