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Re: New #include tag - changes to <box>

On Wed, 2 Feb 2000, Franz Knipp wrote:

> Hello,
> first I want to introduce a page where you can `wonder' about the
> extensions to the #include tag ;-) There's more to come, furthermore there
> will be a few more extensions to this directive. But I'm on the way to
> produce the "eierlegende Wollmichsau" (I don't know a translation,
> sorry) which can solve all your problems ;-)))))))
> Ok, not really, but you'll see...
> ... click to http://www.knipp.org/wml/
> Furthermore, I attached a little patch to extend the <box> tag with an
> align parameter as I used it on this demo page. To me it seems real useful
> and almost better than nesting the box in another table more. As usual, I
> documented the new tag in the documentation part ;-)

Hi Franz,

thanks for your patches, including documentation is really nice.
I am overbooked those days, i'll look into your code this week-end.

PS: I prefer diffs in the unified output format (diff -u).

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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