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Re: BUG REPORT: Test-Suite 100% failed on Debian 2.1

On Thursday 3 February 2000, at 12 h 7, the keyboard of Jan Ulrich Hasecke 
<juh@pironet.de> wrote:

> > There is a Debian package of wml, which is well-maintained (and is used for
> > www.debian.org). There is no need to do it yourself.
> wml-1.7.4? apt-get does not find an wml-1.7.4 

The current version is 1.7.4. 'apt-get install' takes a package name (here 
'wml') as an argument. Perl is an exception (see later) because you may need 
several Perl installed simultaneously if you use binary Perl modules.

> > It seems many Perl parts are missing. Are you sure you installed 'perl' and
> > not only the default 'perl-base'?
> Sure? Never! I am using dselect and apt-get only since the new
> century, so how could I be sure? 

apt-get install perl-5.005

> I wonder that ./configure does not complain, when there are missing
> perl-packages.

Probably because only Debian uses this trimmed-down perl-base (these Perl modules are in the standard Perl distribution).

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