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Screen and printing Version...


I have a page which I want to offer rendered into my page (made with
tables) and also as version plain without the tables, for better
printing without the navigation.

Such a page looks like this:

#include "layout.inc" SELECT="tutor"

<title "Test-Tutorial">
<tutorial ttitle="Test Tutorial" 
          abstract="Dies ist nur ein Test für den
tutorial-tag. Erwarten Sie hier bitte keine sinnvollen Aussagen oder
gar einen Lerneffekt. Dumm geboren, nix dazugelernt, die Hälfte wieder 

<step title="Test">
Bla Bla Bla. Blub Bla Bla. Bla Bla Bla. Blub Bla Bla. Bla Bla

The only change for a printing version has to be a different #include at
the start of the file. This file should be generated automagically
while compiling the screen page. I think it should be a task for perl
but I havn´t a good idea so far....

Any ideas or suggestion here?


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