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Re: BUG REPORT: Test-Suite 100% failed on Debian 2.1

On Thursday 3 February 2000, at 16 h 56, the keyboard of Jan Ulrich Hasecke 
<juh@pironet.de> wrote:

> I am beginning to love dselect and apt, although it is a little bit
> unearthly. I always fear that updating packages will ruin something
> inside of my box.

<ifeq <get-var Debian> "true"
I no longer use dselect but only apt-get. Nothing to fear: the dependency 
system is here for that.

> O.K. The installation of wml removes my tetex-Installation, but I
> reinstalled it. 

That's strange but, with dselect, it is easy to select too few or too many. 
Next time, use apt-get and pay attention to the list of packages it will 
install/remove before you say "yes".

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