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setting output dir in .wmlrc


I've got a question concerning the .wmlrc files:

I've got one .wmlrc in, say, /wwwroot/dir1, which reads
-D ROOT=/wwwroot
-o /wwwroot/dir2/%BASE.htm

and another one in a subdir /wwwroot/dir1/sub:
-D ROOT=/wwwroot
-o /wwwroot/dir2/sub/%BASE.htm

The goal I'd like to achieve with this, is to
output the files generated from /wwwroot/dir1/
to /wwwroot/dir2 and those from /wwwroot/dir1/sub/
to /wwwroot/dir2/sub/.

But wml writes all files *both* into
/wwwroot/dir2 *and* /wwwroot/dir2/sub/.

Does anybody know a solution for this (without
editing all source files and setting the output
dir in their headers)?

thanks in advance & best regards,
Thomas Kellner
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