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<protect> does not work


I want to create two pages from one input file - one html-only page
and one with php-scripts. A small example:

#use wml::std::lang
<lang:new id=html>
<lang:new id=php>
<lang:star:slice: %BASE.*>
<h1> Linux</h1>
<H3>Linux Headlines</H3>

Wml (1.7.4) should leave the php-code (everything between "<?php" and
"?>") untouched - therefore the <protect>-container.

But after pass 1 (!) the code looks like: 

<H3>Linux Headlines</H3>

Why? I get the same result, if I write <protect pass=1-9> instead
<protect>. What can I do to protect php-code against wml?

Bye, Wolfgang

Strange - if I call wml using "wml -p 1 index.wml", the php-code passes
pass 1 correct (but the <protect>-tag vanishes), if I call it using
"wml -v 9 index.wml" and I look at the result after Pass1, I get the
code above.

(the sourcecode can be found at

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