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Re: WML port to Win32

Denis Barbier writes:
 > On Thu, 10 Feb 2000, Lumachi Marco wrote:
 > > I am evaluating the porting WML on Windows 32 bit platform. Are there some
 > > known reason and issue about this ?
 > Known reasons for doing what? Porting WML to Win32? Obviously none ;-)
 > More seriously, this should not be very hard, but i have absolutely no
 > skill on this exotic platform. If you want to do this, will you have
 > time to maintain it seriously (i.e. fix bugs, answer questions,...)?
 > -- 
 > Denis Barbier
 > WML Maintainer

I tried, and the first problem is filenames.

win32 imposes some rather backward requirements, not allowing certain
characters (i believe ':' was one of them) in file names.

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