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Confusion (was RE: WAP)

On Thu, 24 Feb 2000, David J. Keith wrote:

DJK> There seems to be some confusion of terms here. The
DJK> WML I am familiar with is the Wireless Markup
DJK> Language, [...]
DJK> I'm pretty sure The WAP Forum has a patent on the name
DJK> WML as well so perhaps the owner of this list should
DJK> be advised of that.

Nobody here intends to confuse anyone. I ain't got no idea, when
anybody first thought of Wireless Markup Language. I just know
that Website Meta Language was already there, when the other
term became _public_ (that is, known to me :-).

Apart from that, WML is not a name, it's just an abbreviation. I
don't think, "this" WML needs to be renamed, the footer of this
list and everything shows quite clear, what we are talking
about. And finally, I think, we already had that topic ...

For my own part I'd say, as long as misunderstanding and
confusion are so rare, let's just go on with it. Should a
real problem arise, we can think about it again.

DJK> I hope this is helpful

Thanks for your care. By the way, do you use Website Meta
Language or have you just been misleaded to this list, too?

Matthias <- who considers "WeMeL" way more useful than "WiMaL"

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