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New Vim Syntax File!


 First of all, all my best wishes to you, Ralf and Daniela! May your
married life be as nice as mine :)

 And now I have a little announcement to make. I don't know if you
remember but I asked quite a while ago about a wml.vim file on this
list. Lot of thanks again to the person who sent me the URL.

 I've loaded it down and changed it a little here and there. I think
it's quite useful at the moment. If you are interested it is available
through the URL <http://alfie.ist.org/vim/syntax/wml.vim>. If you load
it you might notice that I'm the current somewhat official maintainer of
the file. Craig gave me the permission to do so and he will send me
patches, if he do any further improvements.

 And so can you. If you have any comments or improvements or just
questions, feel free to mail me about it. But please - don't flood me
with questions that are handled in the help files of vim :-)  Not that
I don't want to help you with that - but I don't have the time, right ;)

 One piece in advance: NO, I won't do an emacs mode for I'm not using
that operating system ;-P

 Oh, btw, the file will be included in the next release of vim (don't
ask me when that will be ;). It will be associated with *.wml files and
files that have #*wml in the first line.

 Have fun!
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