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Re: New Vim Syntax File!

On Tue, 29 Feb 2000, Stephane Bortzmeyer wrote:
>It was discussed several times on this list and the problem is that WML is 
>actually a mix of several languages. I use 'html-mode' when editing HTML code, 
>'perl-mode' when in an ePerl block, etc.
>How do you address that in vim?

	Vim has that possibility to color certain parts of the file
	being edited differently, according to the content. Take
	php.vim (or is it php3.vim?). If you turn on html and sql
	syntax coloring, you can have everything between <?php and ?>
	colored by php3 rules, and the outer text colored by html
	rules. Strings beginning with "select or "update are colored
	by sql rules.

	Since ePerl code starts with <: and ends with :> the same
	trick can be applied here. Same for xtable, m4, even slices
	can have different colors.

	I didn't check wml.vim syntax file yet, but with some tricks
	from php3.vim, wml.vim could be pretty complete.
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