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Re: Some news about life, pancakes and WML

On Fri, Mar 10, 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

> This is not fresh news, but i am really glad to announce the birth of my
> first babe.  He came to life on 14th December, and we called him Wilhem
> (no i did not try to gave him 3 first names with initials W, M and L ;-))

Congratulations for your offspring, Denis.
We have to await 3 months more before our first child arrives.
So it seems I've still a few months to find sleep in advance... ;)

> This event changes my life as you can imagine, and i will try to work
> again on WML soon.  My plan is to release WML 2.0 in a couple of months,
> after some 1.99.x unstable releases to check how stable are new
> features.

Woouuuu, WML 2.0 sounds really great. I'm very keen on using it for my
next forthcoming websites. Let me take the chance and thank you for all
your great work you already did over the last year to make WML even more
attractive, more bug-free and more useful to us. I always did and still
do greatly appreciate your maintainance and development efforts for the
WML community. Keep on with the good stuff, Denis.

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