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Re: [ANNOUNCE] WML 1.99.0

Denis Barbier writes:
 > Hi folks,
 > i just released WML-1.99.0. My intention is to provide quick releases
 > until WML 2.0 ; this 1.99.x branch is between stable and unstable.
 > A feature freeze is planned in a couple of weeks, some points are still
 > under discussion, so proposals are welcome.

I make a speach about WML at the BeLUG (Berlin Linux User Group) about 
WML, so now I have to look at 1.99.0 ;-)

 >       - Meta-HTML is replaced by Mp4h for Pass 2: the new parser has a
 >         syntax very similar to the one of Meta-HTML, and tags have been
 >         defined to ensure maximum compatibility.  Please read
 >         README.mp4h and the wml_p2_mp4h documentation for details on how
 >         to migrate from Meta-HTML to mp4h.

Hmm, this fears me a bit... Is it possible to go with 2 versions at
the same time? I donīt want to mess my site at this point...

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