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Re: How to safely test wml-1.99.x

Denis Barbier writes:
 > I just think of a nice way to test wml-1.99.x without breaking actual
 > templates. This new version read -I and -S option flags from right to
 > left, whereas older version treat them from left to right.
 > So if your templates are in a subdir called `templates', top-level
 > .wmlrc file should contain
 >    -I templates
 > Copy this directory into templates-2.0 and replace previous line by
 >    -I templates
 >    -I templates-2.0
 > You may now safely modify your templates as described in README.mp4h,
 > and rebuild your pages at any time with wml-1.7.4

But how do I safely install two versions?

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