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Re: return and subst-in-page

On Mon, 20 Mar 2000, Uwe Mindrup wrote:

> I am just trying to convert the pages made with wml-1.7.4 to the new format,
> eg. 1.99.2.
> But a couple of functions do not work:
> 1. I am missing the <return>-Statement to leave a definition. I use it
> often to test the incoming parameters like
>    <define-tag test>
>    <ifeq %0 0 <return>> 
>    [the real work]
>    </define-tag>

Indeed, i believed this tag was useless.  It will be back in WML 1.99.4

>  2. I am missing also the <subst-in-page ...>. Is it only forgotten in
> wml-1.99.x or exist a replacement for this? In the documentation I found
> nothing appropriate. 

This one has no chance to come back because mp4h does not remember text
processed.  There is surely a workaround with pass 4 or 6.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer

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