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built-in `if' (Re: WML 1.99.3)


I found a trouble with WML 1.99.3.

--- foobar.wml ---
<set-var c="foo bar">
#include "abcxyz.wml" z="foo bar"

--- abcxyz.wml ---
# This is OK
<if "<get-var a>" "a=<get-var a>"
 <if "<get-var b>" "b=<get-var b>"
  <if "<get-var c>" "c=<get-var c>"

# This is NG!
<if "$(x)" "x=$(x)"
 <if "$(y)" "y=$(y)"
  <if "$(z)" "z=$(z)"

I expected the output should be below.

> % wml foobar.wml
> c=foo bar
> z=foo bar

But in fact it is below.

> % wml foobar.wml
> /usr/lib/wml/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: /tmp/wml.16587.tmp2.wml: 49: Warning:/tmp/wml.16587.tmp2.wml:49: Excess arguments to built-in `if' ignored
> c=foo bar
> bar

--Nobuyuki Tsuchimura
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