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1.99.3 - mp4h ERROR EOF when reading body of the `h1' tag


	I sent this bug report 2 days ago using wmb, but it looks like
	it disappeared 'in the endless cyberspace' .-)

	Here it is again:

	I have two wml sites, both working fine in wml 1.6.9-1.7.4

	Now with 1.99.3 I'm getting the following error in both

{mandrake}[kravate]$ ../bin/wmk 
/home/davor/wml/bin/wml -n -o '(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_HR:croata1_hr.html' -o '(ALL-LANG_*)uLANG_EN:croata1_en.html' croata1.wml
/home/davor/wml/lib/exec/wml_p2_mp4h: ERROR:/tmp/wml.6740.tmp2.wml:2386: EOF when reading body of the `h1' tag
** WML:Break: Error in Pass 2 (rc=1).
** WMk:Break: Error in WML (rc=256)

	I can mail the smaller site (5-6 files) if that could help
	solving the problem, just tell me where (not in the group, of

	BTW; wml-1.99.3 compiled and test-compiled without any errors,
	on very standard Mandrake 6.1 (perl-5.00503-4mdk,
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