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Re: [1.99.4] Wishlist: upgrade weblint to version 1.9.3

Wed, 29 Mar 2000 02:05:47 -0700, Anthony Fok wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 29, 2000 at 10:07:14AM +0200, Jan Holler wrote:
>> I do not. I checked the site at:
>>  http://www.debian.org/Packages/frozen/web/weblint.html
>> I could not find any improvements over 1.20
> Look closer.  :-)  Check in /usr/doc/weblint if you have it installed.

That's too close, if I'd had to install it before. :-)

> At first glance, there seems to be some pros and cons.  I have attached the
> relevant files for consideration.  :-)

-> checking of links

Use linklint.

-> and supports HTML 4.0 (and HTML 4.0 only

What's about 4.01? Why not using DTDs as the psgml-mode 
of emacs is using?

-> Netscape & Microsoft extensions (do they have any these days?)

I'd say yes since the W3C has no reason to include all
those cumstomized (and sometimes redundant or different) 
tags of the two.


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