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Re: WMK dependencies

On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Denis Barbier wrote:

DB> [...]
DB> > wmk should not skip .wml-files using #influde=file if file has changed.
DB> [...]
DB> IIRC wmk skip system files but not user files, e.g.
DB> #include <foo/bar.wml>
DB>    is skipped but not
DB> #include "foo/bar.wml"
DB> The reason is that system files are presumably immutable (and it saves
DB> time).

For my own part I prefer Makefiles anyway. But I'm currently
missing a feature that allows to extract dependencies in a
fashion like makedepend does. Makedepend itself is confused by
the notation of the wml::std::xxx files and the #use statement,
apart from that it is incapable of extracting the include
directories out of the .wmlrc files.

Since WMK already does all this interpretation, would it make
sense to include a switch that lets wmk output the dependencies
found rather than actually remaking the file?
Would it make sense then to add parameters that allow to choose
whether or not to care for "system files", as well in depend
mode as in normal operation?
Would it otherwise make sense to write an auxiliary program,
called e.g. "wmakedepend" with the full functionality of
makedepend combined with the understanding of wml?

regards, Matthias

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