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Re: [ANNOUNCE] WML 1.99.8

On Tue, Apr 18, 2000 at 05:34:53PM +0900, Nobuyuki Tsuchimura wrote:
>   Hi,
> barbier> another beta-release is out and its name is WML-1.99.8
> barbier> I am very interested if this version fails compiling on other platforms.
>   Compiling on Linux (with Japanized perl) is OK.


> But I found another problem... ;-(
>   I can't set '/'(slash) as a tail character of %body.

Not really, a trailing slash is gobbled in attributes.

> --- input ----
> #use wml::std::tags
> <define-tag command>'%body'</define-tag>
> <command ls dir/file>
> <command ls dir/>   # NG
> <command ls dir\/>  # NG
> <command ls dir\\/> # NG
> <command ls dir/ >  # NG
> <command "ls dir/"> # NG
> --- output ----
> 'ls dir/file'
> 'ls dir' # NG
> 'ls dir' # NG
> 'ls dir\' # NG
> 'ls dir' # NG
> 'ls dir' # NG

You are right, i did not notice this behavior.
Here is what happens in WML-1.99.8:
a) When reading attributes, trailing spaces are removed to allow
   constructs like
          foo bar
   This tag has only 2 attributes.
b) After trailing spaces are gobbled, a trailing slash is removed when
   reading attributes of single tags.
   As quotes are special characters to group tokens, a quote delimiter
   after a slash does not prevent this suppression.

Here is what i will implement: (b) is run only when there was no
trailing spaces. So you may write
  <command ls dir/ > 
  <command "ls dir/" >

Tell me if you believe this is not sufficient.

Denis Barbier
WML Maintainer
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