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Re: [ANNOUNCE] WML 1.99.8

  Hi, Denis

> a) When reading attributes, trailing spaces are removed to allow
>    constructs like
>       <command
>           foo bar
>       >
>    This tag has only 2 attributes.
> b) After trailing spaces are gobbled, a trailing slash is removed when
>    reading attributes of single tags.
>    As quotes are special characters to group tokens, a quote delimiter
>    after a slash does not prevent this suppression.
> Here is what i will implement: (b) is run only when there was no
> trailing spaces. So you may write
>   <command ls dir/ > 
>   <command "ls dir/" >
> Tell me if you believe this is not sufficient.

  I'm telling, but I believe it is sufficient. :-)

  I'm not sure if possible, but I think another way may be better.
The way is that first (b) is run then (a) is run,
I prefer to write
   <command "ls dir/">
Of course, both ways seem to be good enough.

-- Nobuyuki Tsuchimura
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