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Re: Are my mails sent back to me?

On Fri, Apr 28, 2000, Timo Neumann wrote:

> I sent two mails to <sw-wml@engelschall.com> two days ago (at least
> I tried to) and didn't get them from Majordomo. Shouldn't I get a 
> copy of my mail? Or how should I know my mail made it to the list?
> I hope you understand what I mean?!

Your problem is just that you're subscribed under a different address
than the one you're posting from. For spamming reasons those mails are
bounced to the list administrator (me) for approval. I have to maintain
many mailing lists, so I cannot approve the bounced mails on a daily
basis (instead I approve approx. every 3rd day). That's the reason why
your postings were delayed...
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